Welrod by Tatty

By Tatty 12000+1000 yen Commissioned 2021-11-08 Genshin Impact has some fantastic costumes that I really like, so why not get in on that. There are also some artists with versatility […]


Welrod by Naoshima

By Naoshima 4200+1000 yen Commissioned 2021-09-21 You don’t see this thick paint-like style very often so I was intrigued. But what would be suitably unusual for this style..? Oh I […]


Welrod by SugaC

By SugaC 7000+700 yen Commissioned 2021-09-29 SugaC is really into muscles and anatomy so I thought I’d ask for an indulgent desktop wallpaper. I figure Welrod isn’t especially muscular or […]

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