• 200 USD (329.29 AUD after conversion and fees)
  • By houshou8
  • Commissioned 2023-07-12

Houshou DM'ed me asking if I'm interested in a commission. I always am so the answer is yes! He's a big fan of Uma Musume, aka. the game and anime with horse girls, so I'd be down for something fun like that. Doesn't need to make sense, just whatever floats your goat (or equine, really).

We settled on a variant of Manhattan Cafe's race outfit, she looks a little bit edgy and completely wired on coffee. I like it! And what's not to love about a big floofy tail~

Welrod was originally going to look more like the reference below, but Houshou changed up the pose to give her a stronger silhouette and focus more on her legs :3

Reference image for Manhattan Cafe's outfit
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