• 18000+800 yen
  • By enpera
  • Commissioned 2023-01-31

enpera's pixiv account has a bunch of highly detailed work, guns included; and pretty girls too of course. So it's no wonder that they're into Blue Archive as well. I couldn't really do that justice, so I asked for Welrod cosplaying as their favourite student. My personal favourites are probably Tsubaki, Shiroko, and Yuuka, but they're all cute!

It looks like I got a bit of a blend - she's got the 2nd year ID badge (with green stripe) and she's wearing it clipped to her blazer like Shiroko, but her necktie is arranged a little like Hoshino's (using a pin instead of a chest strap).

I like the little touch that she's wearing the blazer off her shoulders. Also there's an extra facial expression variant where she's blushing, it's so cute that I wanna bully her! XD

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