• $146.92 AUD (90 USD)
  • By Varia
  • Commissioned 2022-06-14

I've really enjoyed watching the Spy x Family anime this season, it's so much fun and the characters are all gorgeous, and the production quality is top notch. It occurred to me that if Anya wants a silenced pistol, Loid wouldn't settle for anything but the best! Plus with the whole castle caper in episode 5 it's clear that Loid wouldn't mind calling in a little favour or two. πŸ™‚

I knew that Varia would be up for the job when I saw this 2-panel VSK-94 comic they drew. I'm all about silly visual jokes, just the right sense of humour.

This has been the most fun commission to produce reference materials for so far. I had a rough idea of the timing, so it was a matter of cobbling together some dodgy screencaps and a photo from home.

(you can click through for a clearer view)

Varia was great about sorting out the details and checked in a few times to make sure everything looked acceptable, even offering suggestions and options for little things like Loid's headset. An excellent commission experience from start to finish. πŸ‘

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