• 9500+500 yen
  • By SugaC
  • Commissioned 2022-05-31

SugaC was saying something about drawing more MG36 recently, which got me thinking that I'd like such a commission. I like MG36's design - she's German, a bit awkward, kinda androgynous, all traits that I like. Plus Skeb is running another fee-free celebration, so it's really the perfect time.

I've been thinking, I'd love to see you draw more MG36.

Since I know you prefer to draw less clothing, perhaps she could be wearing a bikini. Or maybe half of a bikini, and her gun is covering the other part of her body. チラリズム is good! ww

Any style you like is fine, I'll leave the situation and pose up to you. Maybe she's kneeling on one knee, aiming or firing her gun or something. If she's wearing a bikini then maybe... she's at a beach with some rocks? I have included some pictures of rocks lol.

What's the deal with rocks at beaches anyway? Japan would have you believe they're dotted around everywhere, convenient to hide behind at any time as needed for plot reasons. Sure our beaches have a few, but they're never convenient like that.

Bonus castoff version

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