• 25000+1000 yen
  • By tr6xx
  • Commissioned 2023-03-27

It's probably not really obvious but this work is riffing on the Sandevistan from Cyberpunk 2077, and its visual depiction from the (rightly) popular spinoff anime Cyberpunk Edgerunners. Tr6xx has a bunch of cool Edgerunners art on their pixiv account so I figured they'd be up for the request. Welrod has one of the higher Evasion stats in the game when she's fully levelled up, so the idea that she'd dodge bullets in a similar way was natural. 😀

The depiction of the Sandevistan in the anime is iconic, it features prominently and frequently. It's a bit of a shame that the multiple afterimages don't make an appearance, but I think it makes sense from an art direction/composition perspective - the effect is visually much easier to read when it's animated, which we obviously don't have the luxury of here. The alternative used here, bullet time, is well known and visually legible even in a static image, so it's a solid choice.

I really like that's she's reloading her gun, and doing so accurately. That's excellent attention to detail.

This was another time I had to do nasty things to get the desired output from the auto translation on Skeb. I just wanted some super casual speech to suitably express my appreciation for tr6xx.

うを、やずすぎīŧ Yo this is siiiiick, I love it! Maybe not everyone will understand what's going on, but it's okay 'cause I know. '_'v

The composition is great, I can really feel the motion and flow of the picture, thanks to the rifle bullets and her jacket. It's super cool dawg. I really like that Welrod is accurately reloading her pistol, with the spent casing only being ejected when she opens the action.


構å›ŗがį´ æ™´ã‚‰ã—く、ナイフãƒĢぎåŧžã¨åŊŧåĨŗぎジãƒŖã‚ąãƒƒãƒˆãŽãŠã‹ã’ã§ã€įĩĩぎ動きやæĩã‚ŒãŒã‚ˆãæ„Ÿã˜ã‚‰ã‚Œãžã™ã­ã€‚čļ…クãƒŧãƒĢです。ã‚ĻェãƒĢロッドがピ゚トãƒĢをæ­ŖįĸēãĢãƒĒロãƒŧドしãĻいãĻ、äŊŋį”¨æ¸ˆãŋぎč–ŦčŽĸはã‚ĸã‚¯ã‚ˇãƒ§ãƒŗを開いた時ãĢだけ排å‡ēされるぎがとãĻã‚‚č‰¯ã„ã§ã™ã­ã€‚

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