Modders of course wasted no time getting to work on this stuff, and the results are just gorgeous. I've never used any mods with C2077 before, but this is a damn good reason to get into it.

That's from here on NexusMods:

There's a bit of a dependency tree involved, which I've mapped out because I find graphics much easier to understand and resolve.

graph TD A --> C["② Appearance Change Unlocker"] A["⑤ Lucy face preset"] --> B["④ Lucy outfit"] C --> E["① redscript"] C --> D["① Cyber Engine Tweaks"] B --> F["③ ArchiveXL"] B --> G["③ TweakXL"] F --> H["③ Red4Ext"] G --> H B --> D

I think it's reasonably straightforward, it goes something like this. There's directions on the page for each mod when you download them, so follow that too.

  1. Install redscript and cyber engine tweaks, start the game and configure CET keybindings for the first time (I used Ctrl-Alt-Numpad0).
  2. Install Appearance Change Unlocker, start the game and make sure it's working.
  3. Install Red4Ext, ArchiveXL, TweakXL, and make sure the game runs fine (should be nothing to fiddle with there).
  4. Install the 4 parts of Lucy's outfit, it's mostly just dropping the archive files in the right place. The hair component is special and is what requires the "XL" mods I think, and you drop a yaml file in some other directory as well. Make sure the game still runs, I think you need to run some console commands to spawn her clothing items into your inventory.
  5. Copy the face preset to the right directory, then in the game you'll be able to load it up thanks to the Appearance Change Unlocker interface (presumably). I assume it depends on having all the clothing pieces in your inventory, which is why you had to do that first.
  6. In game, fire up the CET console with your keybinding and run the commands described in the Codes.txt file. These are one-offs that will add Lucy's clothing items to your inventory, then you can equip them manually. They reuse inventory icons from other clothing, but they look correct when worn.

Then as long as you're playing as female V, it should all work! Take some pretty photos in-game.

Update: if you're not playing as female V, you can fix that too. The Lucy Face Preset mod now just advises you to use the savefile editor instead of the Appearance Change Unlocker, and it can apply the preset for you.

If you forget your CET binding, you can delete bindings.json in the gamedir (eg. C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Cyberpunk 2077\bin\x64\plugins\cyber_engine_tweaks) and restart the game, then you'll be asked to set a new binding.

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