• 35000+1500 yen
  • By U2D
  • Commissioned 2022-04-26

This one that turned out quite different from how I imagined, but better for it I think. I originally envisaged a darkly comical scene in which Welrod is waterboarding Dreamer from a giant oversized teapot (think like 10 litre capacity), while a couple of dummies hold her down on a bench - very sadistic but also very absurd.

I went looking for sources I could provide as a reference, and this was a very strong inspiration for the atmosphere and scene I had in mind.

After making the commission request I actually went and watched Ozark on the basis of this clip, all four seasons of it. It's a solid, dark crime drama.

I still think that the giant teapot idea is funny and worth pursuing, but this is a lot cooler.

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