• 27000+1500 yen
  • By Yulitanbo
  • Commissioned 2022-03-22

I really liked Yuli's work when I saw the nice refined style, dynamic compositions, and gorgeous colour-grading. It reminded me a little bit of the level of polish in Kamiya-sensei's work, but more towards elegance rather than dazzling (both are excellent, don't get me wrong).

I like that for a suggested casual date with the Commander... Welrod is really not very casual! 😂 That would be just like her, out of uniform but still properly dressed.

The location shown is Vauxhall Bridge over the River Thames in London. The structure in the background is the SIS Building, headquarters for the UK's Secret Intelligence Service (also known as MI6). If you're a fan of James Bond you might recall that it got a bit blown-up in Skyfall.

Yuli did a way more thorough job on the SIS building than I was expecting, I'm stoked.
Google Street View reference
In some ways Yuli reminds me a liiiittle bit of Oyari Ashito's work, in terms of colour grading and choice of palette. This is a promo image from Quartett!, a visual novel that his studio Littlewitch made.
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