Welrod by Yulitanbo

27000+1500 yen By Yulitanbo Commissioned 2022-03-22 I really liked Yuli’s work when I saw the nice refined style, dynamic compositions, and gorgeous colour-grading. It reminded me a little bit of […]


Welrod by Goto (ゴトー)

10000+500 yen By Goto (ゴトー) Commissioned 2022-03-23 Please draw Welrod wearing RO635 MOD3’s turtleneck sweater. 🤤 Honestly what more do you need? Goto-sensei quipped in a follow-up tweet: ウェルロッドはエッチなボディしてるしROもえっちな服着てるから大変だった。Welrod has […]


Welrod by Randgriz

$32.21 AUD (20 USD) By Randgriz Commissioned 2022-04-25 Randgriz has been doing a lot of cute GFL chibis recently, so I took the opportunity to jump on the commission bandwagon. […]

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