• 28000+2000 yen
  • Commissioned 2022-02-27

I see you're into headphones and THICC girls, can you please draw Welrod and give her a pair of ATH-A900's.

I love your pic with the A40 TR's, that's the kinda vibe I have in mind. Welrod is serious-natured but I imagine she relaxes at home half-naked like a normal girl lol.

Can I just say how much GENEK nailed the look I had in mind? The perfect amount of casual sexiness and ใ‚€ใกใ‚€ใก, it's just ๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ‘Œ
And the compression marks from the thigh holsters and sock garter, unf!

The Audio Technica ATH-A900's are my old favourite pair of headphones. I had them all the way through uni and then several years more, well over a decade of heavy daily use. They sound great and are well built, I only had to replace them because the left driver started to cut out and I don't think I could repair them well enough.

Also being a closed-back design, you can push a tonne of power through those headphones no sweat. Put on some Black Sabbath and crank it up, it won't bother anyone else.

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