• By Kofi
  • 11000+1100 yen
  • Commissioned 2022-03-23

Hello Kofi-sensei~

In December 2019 I travelled to Japan for a holiday. We were staying in Kyoto for new years eve, so that we could visit Fushimi Inari at midnight. The airbnb we were staying in is next door to a coin laundry, open 24hrs.

After we got home from the shrine at 2am, I went to do my laundry. In that place, I saw there were these massive clothes dryers. I've never seen such a big dryer before in my entire life! It was so big that I could easily sit inside it, and I'm pretty tall!

Anyway, this is the request. Please draw Welrod from Dolls Frontline, visiting the laundromat late at night. She's wearing casual clothes. She's doing her laundry and waiting for the dryer to finish.

Perhaps her usual uniform is already dry, so the clothes have been folded and placed in a pile, ready to take home. Meanwhile her other clothes and accessories and underwear are still in the dryer, or something like that.

I'll leave the composition and aesthetic up to you. I personally like dramatic lighting, but go with whatever you think is cool and interesting. A 4K wallpaper (either landscape or portrait is okay) would be great, but anything is fine with me. Thank you for your consideration!!

That pretty much sums it up. If you're curious, this is the coin laundry in question.

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