Yakob is a fan of Girls Frontline and designed his(?) own character for the nonexistent-in-game AK-74M. She's really cute! https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/79784298
Yakob then kept drawing 74M-chan so much that Sunborn/Mica took notice and made her official, what a legend.

Please draw an ecchi picture of Welrod. She is teasing the commander and flirting (koakuma vibes). Any clothing is fine, she can wear her official outfit or you can choose something for her.

Whether it's ero or wholesome art, Yakob's stuff is always cute so I thought why not, maybe just a bit ecchi. Surely a little bit of teasing wouldn't hurt the commander...

うをおおおおおおおおお!やべっ!危険だぞ! 本当にエッチすぎ!! (〃▽〃)


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