Table of Contents

    Chapter 1 - Decreasing Entropy


    A quick summary to ground the reader.

    • Earl Griffin has given the commander a new mission
    • Morridow is planning a big terrorist attack on Berlin, but we don't know what it is yet
    • We met some important characters in the previous event, Machlian and Mrs Gray
    • Dramatic trust and betrayal
    • M4A1 is back
    • Shadowless reports that the release of Galatea's anti-ELID drug, Idunn, has been delayed again, which agitates the people in Berlin. Other events in and around Berlin show that it's a breaking point

    A short video of the Doomsday Clock shows it hanging at 11:59, about to tick over to midnight.


    Two weeks ago; the clocks winds back to 11:45.

    Mrs Gray and a white Nyto inspect the ruined underground facility where our team fought Morridow and Narciss. They find the sort-of-alive remains of Narciss and take her back to be repaired, and Gray orders the place to be destroyed and cleaned.

    J argues with K, he wants to snoop around the mansion where Ange and Light met their fates during the last event. The mansion is heavily guarded by Stasi agents, their own people. While we know that they were attacked by Paradeus forces, the (lack of) evidence at the scene is enough to convince some in the Stasi that Ange attacked Light and that Paradeus was never there. K won't let him in and their new director wants them to focus on other matters, but J decides to do it anyway.


    Controlling J, we sneak inside the mansion and get to the point of interest while avoiding the guards.


    J finds something interesting while inspecting the place where they fought Paradeus, a medicine bottle with a Galatea logo on it. Before he can search further he's spotted by a guard and makes a hasty escape out the window. He makes it safely back outside the mansion but is ambushed at his car by Stasi agents. K is forced to disavow him, and the currently-unknown woman in charge orders J to be arrested.

    Morridow receives bad news from a White Nyto, Morridow still can't be found and Narciss is going to be out of commission for quite a while. Mrs Gray orders all the shutdown pharma facilities to be scrubbed clean of evidence, things are not going as planned. She receives a phone call from someone she knows, it's probably Father.


    Morridow awakens in a room surrounded by four Black Nytos, it's clear she's here to be interrogated. Fathers voice comes from a screen overhead, and one of the Nytos trys to pull rank on her. She's not buying it, and sees through the ruse - it's Squad 404 trying to dig into her Virtual Cognition Image.

    Chapter 2 - Rekindling Starlight

    Chapter 3 - Reversing Entropy

    Chapter 4 - Falling Star

    Chapter 5 - Darkest Decline

    Chapter 6 - Endgame Chaos