• 100 USD (160.68 AUD after conversion and fees)
  • By Dex
  • Commissioned 2024-03-28

It wasn't my idea, I swear! Dex happened to tweet about wanting to draw Kord in a micro-bikini, and I thought that's a very nice idea...

I'm generally used to firing off requests through Skeb and seeing what comes back, but this was like the opposite of that omakase experience and it was pretty fun, more like building your own ramen bowl at Ichiran ๐Ÿ˜€

Micro-bikini as core concept, yes. One pose? And what size? Big wallpaper... but why not three poses? Very good. How micro is the bikini, like this? Hmm... a little bit more micro, please. Colour scheme? Her primaries are white, dark brown, and orange accents. Go with the dark brown for a strong contrast against her pale skin, and keep the orange for accents. What three poses do you want? Let's go digging through my photo posing library...

And so it went, it was fun having that much involvement in the process, and Dex added some more ideas to the mix as well. 10/10 would do it again.

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