Welrod standing naked and stretching her arms, wearing her leg holsters
  • By SugaC
  • 7000+700 yen
  • Commissioned 2021-09-29

SugaC is really into muscles and anatomy so I thought I'd ask for an indulgent desktop wallpaper. I figure Welrod isn't especially muscular or anything, just lean. As much as a T-doll can be anyway, haha.

"Maybe one of the stretching poses here? Anything is fine, I'll leave it to you"
(https://twitter.com/markrou/status/1145980909184643073 by まー九郎)
"Or perhaps posed like this? With her head turned to profile view" "Oppai peeking out~" "Leg holsters worn here"
(https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/686460 by Kurigohan)
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